“My back and groin pain have completely gone – I can hardly believe it!”
“I was facing giving up work and had reached my wits end with my back pain but your physio sessions have made a life changing difference.”
“For once I understand what is going on, how to help myself and after three sessions my symptoms have completely gone.”
“Finally a plan and physio have meant a massive improvement in my shoulder. Thank you!”
“90% better after 2 sessions. Can’t believe it!”
“Your physio expertise is invaluable. Three exercises that changed things for me entirely.”  
“Thank you for your kindness and patience. I understand where I am now and where I am going to get myself fully better.”

“Pilates has been a very positive addition to my life. Anna is very professional but approachable. The class is very relaxed and caters for all. A wonderful hour to unwind each week.”

“I love everything about it – I have had back problems for years and my backs been so much better since starting Pilates. I find it very relaxing and the music is relaxing too.”

“I didn’t think Pilates would be enough of a workout for me – I attend one of Anna’s classes and I was proved wrong. It has helped my core strength and general toning. I am now completely hooked.”

“Pilates has become a way of life for me. I try to do 10 minutes everyday and the weekly sessions keep me on track and stop me from getting into bad habits.”

“An enjoyable class, very informal taught in small groups by true professionals!”

“I thoroughly enjoy the Pilates classes and always look forward to Thursday evenings. Anna is always friendly and helpful. She is an excellent instructor and come around to us individually to check we have got the exercise right and to correct our positions. I come away from the class feeling calm, relaxed and more supple.”

“Pilates was recommended to me after the birth of my son whilst recovering form SPD. At first I couldn’t believe it would help me but after only 2-3 sessions I started to see an improvement in myself. Once the six week course was finished I enjoyed it so much and found it really helped with my stability and with building up my strength again that I decided to book another course. I feel reassured that physiotherapists run the classes and it is also very relaxing and enjoyable too.”

“I would recommend this postnatal class to all new mum’s i meet.”

“I couldn’t think of anyway to improve this class, the environment, music and instruction is everything i wanted in this challenging postnatal period.”

“This class helped me in my recovery from birth and in regaining my pre pregnancy figure. My little one loved the environment and seeing the other babies every week.”

“We are all in it together, some babies feeding others crawling and playing. Anna juggling babies and the instruction of the class to ensure we met our goals. As a new mum herself, Anna was in a perfect position to understand us and our bodies.”

Pilates Instructor Review

“Anna’s Pilates lessons are not only highly enjoyable, but tailor-made to every participants needs and abilities. I love it that the exercises vary, which keeps it fresh and fun”

Hannah Watts – Whitstable Pilates